Fun Finance
In 1-Hour


Learn financial literacy in a fun way, or as we call it, Fun-nancial Literacy!

Short Duration

Each game takes 30-60 minutes, so you can have more fun in a day!

All Ages

No complicated math, if you can add and subtract, the game is for you!

Learn Finance

Learn about assets, bull / bear markets, insurance in this educational game!

Growing Assets. Preserving Value. Fulfilling Dreams.

Multi-player Wealth Management Game

AFFLUENT is a multi-players wealth management card game, where players accumulate wealth to finance their most desired dreams. They also invest in risk management tools to mitigate ever-changing market conditions and shield themselves from unforeseen disasters, which could caused severe damage to their accumulated wealth.

Strategic Wealth Accumulation

The players need to adopt & adapt strategies to navigate the treacherous Bull & Bear markets, growing wealth through financial assets diversification, while preserving the value of their wealth.

Short Play Time

Each game play takes between 30-60 minutes to complete, depending on the dynamics of players’ interaction during play.

Edutainment For All Ages

Players from as young as 10 years old to as elderly as 73 years old, have played, enjoyed and learned much from the game. Because learning the secret and strategies to be affluent and stay affluent, know no age boundary. Besides, ‘Affluent” allows players to have the companionship of the people around them, while enjoying the fun-filled edutaining experience.


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What People Say


AFFLUENT is a wonderfully spell-binding, educational card game that encapsulates the basic concepts of financial planning and wealth-building. A must-play!

Steven Lock

Organizational Performance Strategist &Solution-Focused Brief Coach

A Practical Financial Education Game

I wish I had a head start earlier in life by learning the different financial instruments and early financial planning. A practical financial education game for the family. 

Terence Kong

Financial Services Associate Director / Entrepreneur

A Great Investment

AFFLUENT is an incredibly thoughtful card game, very educational and fun. It can help in making wise financial decisions. AFFLUENT is a small investment that will definitely pay off.

Meital Baruch

Intercultural Trainer & Facilitator, Speaker on Cultural Intelligence & Global Mindset

Well-thought and Brilliantly Fun

Life is always filled with events and some events require us to take actions. The type of actions that we take could significantly impact our life. AFFLUENT is a well-thought and brilliantly fun game. The game educates us about the importance of accumulating our assets and achieving our dreams.”

Terence Chiew

Author of Most Valuable Professional: 
What Every Employee Ought to Know About Staying Employable

An Incredibly Addictive Game!

It takes a genius like Patrick Chang with deep understanding of investment theories and wealth management to invent such an incredibly addictive game. Those who are keen to learn about investment should really try it. Highly recommended!

Mr. K.C. Boo

Founder, Managing Director at Iconomy Holdings Pte. Ltd.

Entertaining Way To Learn

Finally, there is a fun and entertaining way to learn about wealth building and preservation - kudos to Patrick for coming up with the AFFLUENT game to address this very important topic - not with the usual pamphlets and educational video - but through a card game format that allows you to have fun and pick up useful knowledge at the same time. 

Loh Tat Shiong

IT Professional

A Good Tool for Education and Bonding

AFFLUENT is an interesting card game which helps one to understand more about some basics terms of financial planning in a fun way. Players, young and old, get to learn together, and can get to participate in meaningful discussions after the game. A good tool for education and bonding among friends and family! 

Joy Hou

Registered Psychologist

Great Way to Increase Financial Literacy

After learning the basic rules of the game, we all had a lot of fun trying to outdo one another, exit and win the game. Our understanding of how owning the different asset classes was affected by the economic performance, and more importantly, how to protect our growing asset through instruments such as insurance. We had fun and we learned. It was an afternoon well spent to increase our financial literacy.

Vincent Ang

Executive Director

An Enriching Experience

AFFLUENT is one of those financial games that doesn’t demand you to perfectly understand the various financial concepts before you play. This game deepen my understanding of the various financial terms and instruments available in the real world. The game designer has made a conscious attempt to provide an entertaining game experience while creating realistic game play and exposing players to various financial terminology. Definitely an enriching experience, whether you are a newbie or the financial savvy.

Mark Lim

Contrarian Thinker, Inspirational Speaker,

It Was Mind Blowing!

I did not know much about planning for my dream future but after playing the game for just 20 minutes, I picked up so many valuable lessons. Certain concepts that seemed really complicated suddenly became easy to understand. Whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced person, this card game will deepen your understanding and give you great insights into the various steps you need to take to secure your dream future.

Sean Ang

Professional Keynote Speaker
Managing Director at Success Alliance Enrichment

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